2015 New Years Resolutions!

Hello to you!

I have a list of New Years Resolutions to share with you all today — yes, in February. I’m either ridiculously late, or unbelievably early. I wrote them all out in the middle of January and I figured by writing them on my blog for the internet to hold forever, it may motivate me a bit more to achieve them! Here goes:

1. Go to the dentist (it’s been far too long)!
2. Manage health better and identify problems (I’ve had some stomach issues for a few years now that I haven’t been able to find a solution to, nor my doctor… plan to do a bit more exploring).
3. Develop a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits (See my Healthy Lifestyle post from a couple of weeks back).
4. Plan a vacation.
5. Start managing money and budgeting more.
6. Try new ways of overcoming my anxiety.
7. Use a planner more regularly.
8. Be happier.
9. Read at least one book (I used to be a HUGE bookworm, and got out of it over the years, I would absolutely love to get back into it — please feel free to suggest any books you think I should check out, in the comments below)!

Aaaaand the final one, number 10:
STOP picking at my face!!! (This is an incredibly awful habit I have. I pick at any bump, zit, blemish or what have you that I feel on my face. I pick to the point where I end up with ugly little scabs and red marks and I really just make it worse. It’s very embarrassing and I have struggled with it for years now… it’s sort of the same as other people biting their nails I would think and I usually do it out of anxiety or stress. Anyways… I desperately want to stop doing it).

That is all I have for today, folks! I would love to hear some of your resolutions (yes — in February! :P). It got real honest up in here today! As always, thank you for reading!!

xo Sara

Love Your Skin!

Hi there! It’s me again!

I hope you all are having an awesome day! Today, I wanted to talk a bit about skin care. Let me be the first to say, I am definitely NOT an expert in any way, shape or form. In fact I am quite the newbie when it comes to actively taking care of my skin. However, I wanted to tell you guys about my new found routine!

For the last year or so, I have been using coconut oil in replacement of moisturizer on my skin. More specifically, on my face. My sister has really gotten into the “all natural” ways with her skin care and also her food over the past couple of years and so she is the one who got me into it. I used it for a long time since I loved the idea of having chemical free ingredients going onto my skin and once I got used to the texture of it, it wasn’t too bad. The only thing that I found frustrating was that I wasn’t seeing the same results as my family was. My sister swore that her pores got smaller, her frown lines disappeared and her skin tone completely evened out. I did not feel I was seeing the same effects. Although I am lucky enough to have grown up with fairly decent skin, I do still have the usual blackheads and discolouration that most people deal with. I was hoping to see a miracle with coconut oil and I wasn’t. I was also noticing that my skin was looking sort of patchy and dry, which was really bothering me.

I let this go on for a while until just about a week ago. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in search of two things: a cleanser, and a moisturizer. Usually when I go into these stores, I am overwhelmed by products with weird ingredients that I know absolutely nothing about. Plus, I am always too shy to ask anyone. This time, the manager of the cosmetics department stopped me and asked me if I needed help. I admitted that I did. I told her what I was in search of and what my issues were and she got right on board to help me. First, she tested my skin with this little device to see what I was dealing with. It turned out that my skin was severely dehydrated! She asked what I used for moisturizer, and when I told her she said that the coconut oil is absolutely great for the oils in your skin but that my skin was missing the water it needed. She then pointed me in the direction of Vichy products. I chose the Vichy Aqualia Therm20150221_202106al Creme for my moisturizer and the Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Cleanser for my cleanser. Keep in mind, this is my 20150221_202042first time purchasing any sort of fancy products (I normally stick to $10 or under). I absolutely adore the way the moisturizer smells! It makes me feel so luxurious when I put it on. The cosmetic manager also said that I could balance everything out by using coconut oil on my face at night, and then my new moisturizer in the day time. I haven’t gone back to my coconut oil just yet, because I just really get excited when I buy new things and I want to use them all the time! I will say though, I am absolutely loving the moisturizer! You really don’t need to use a lot and it makes my skin feel so soft and my makeup goes on so much smoother without the dry patches!

I also had my eye on an exfoliating brush that my friend had mentioned to me, from Sephora. I am not a frequent shopper at Sephora either. I have literally only purchased something from there twice. An eyelash curler about two weeks ago, and the Dynamic Duo Face Brush that I just bought this past week. 20150221_201951When I mentioned the exfoliating brush to the cosmetic manager at Shoppers, she told me I could also use the cleanser with that and I would really see a difference in my skin. I know it has only been one week but I actually am seeing a huge difference and I am really pleased about it. I am a lot more confident to go out without makeup on and I feel like my skin is getting the attention it really needs. I am still using the coconut oil on my body, and I will definitely be going back to using it at night again, once the novelty of my new products wears off! Coconut oil is beneficial in so many ways that I could never give it up completely, but for now I am in skin care product heaven! I use my cleanser every night and every morning now and I really rub it in to get off all of the dirt. My goal is to do more research on different products and benefits for skin care so that I can really treat my skin well! Anyways, I know I always end up with really long posts so I am going to stop now before I get carried away!

As always, thanks for reading!

xo Sara

Meet Bambi!

Hello again internet friends!

I wanted to give you a bit more of an insight to my life, and I figured there was no better way to do that than to introduce my cat! I know… it sounds kind of weird, but chances are if you know me, you know my cat. I talk about her all the time and I figured it would make much more sense to just give you a bit of background knowledge about my crazy feline!

Her name is Bambi, and she is about 3 and a half years old. I found her online and picked her up from a farm. I was told she was 2 months old when I got her, but she was just the tiniest creature you have ever seen so I knew she had to have been younger. 263261_10150750611890287_2599368_nTurns out, the vet I took her to said that she was actually about a month old. That might explain why she is kind of a nut case, since her mama wasn’t able to teach her how to behave like a proper kitty.

Bambi and I have a complete hate-love relationship. She literally knows how to push every single one of my buttons. She can be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, or she can be an absolute nightmare! If there is somewhere that I don’t want her to be (like the kitchen counter, or my laptop keyboard) oSnapchat-8498930952831429325r something I don’t want her to do (like chew my bathroom curtain) that is exactly where I will find her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually thinks her name is “No”.

She does this thing at night where she likes to sit on my window sill and slowly tap my blinds ALL night long. It is the most irritating sound in the whole world, and she knows she’s not allowed to be up there doing that, but it does not stop her. If I even flinch she bolts since she doesn’t want to be sprayed with a water bottle. She is also always in my way, especially while I am making my bed. For some odd reason, she gets really wound up when I put sheets on my bed. Don’t ask me why. I don’t get it either. She’ll dance around the bed wit20141227_223315h her back arched and her fur all puffy and she darts through the sheets. It’s cute for about 5 minutes until she starts to bite me when I tell her to get down. Her worst habit is biting! I think because of missing some of that crucial time with mama cat, she didn’t learn that it’s not nice to bite! It hurts! She usually does it when she’s playing, but she doesn’t understand the aspect of “play biting”. She bites really, really, really hard. I’ve tried so many different things to make her stop but I have been unsuccessful. I now just accept it as part of who she is.

However, even through all of her insane behaviour (and trust me…that’s not even close to half of it) I can’t imagine what life would be like without her. Cats can be so wonderful to come home to. She greets me at the door, and she is always around keeping me company and making her presence known. Even if that does mean sleeping on my homework and walking across my keyboard. She also loves candy wrappers, specifically the tinfoil ones you get off of chocolates. I can’t even so much as put the wrapper on the coffee table without her ears perking up and her eyes getting big. I literally find these things all over my house, under rugs and even inside my shoes. She is also a pen hoarder. If I lift up my carpet in my living room right now, I will more than likely fin1419740660343d at least 3 different pens. It’s as if I don’t buy her toys! Trust me, I do! She has a whole basket of toys, that she chooses to knock over completely at her leisure.

My favourite thing about her though, is the way she comes up to me in the morning. When my alarm goes off, she climbs up on my bed and walks across my chest and lays down. She then proceeds to nuzzle my face for about 5 minutes, and then my time is up! I take full advantage of these moments with my kitty.

I must really seem like a crazy cat lady to have dedicated a whole post to my cat, but I hope that you at least enjoyed it a little bit! I c20150216_202056an’t say you won’t hear more about her because to be honest I love to vent about how crazy she is driving me. I also take about 500 photos of her a day so I like showing off her cuteness as well. If you have a pet that you love, please feel free to leave a comment, or hey if you want to dedicate a whole blog to them like I did… I would absolutely LOVE to read it!

Thanks so much for reading!!

xo Sara

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle

Today I want to talk about healthy eating. I know that it is the hot topic these days… you see it everywhere! Most of the bloggers and YouTubers I follow tend to make content based around healthy eating and healthy living. I am completely captivated by the idea of having a healthy, complete and balanced lifestyle with the correct amount of exercise, along with proper nutrition. They make it look so easy, don’t they?! This is definitely not to throw negativity towards it either; I love watching videos and reading posts about all sorts of healthy food and workouts. The downside for me is that I end up leaving feeling even crappier about my own habits and less motivated to make a change because it doesn’t seem achievable for my life.

When I started to make my own money at 15, I started to spend most of it on food… most often fast food. I got into the incredibly unhealthy habit of consuming fast food almost every day. I felt disgusting, unmotivated and very exhausted. Yet, I still didn’t quit eating all of the junk food I was eating. I moved out on my own after high school and since cooking for one can be a challenge, I continued to eat out most of the time. I’ve been on my own for about 4 years now, and I still struggle with the desire to go for quick and easy meals that come to me in a brown paper bag through a drive-thru window. It isn’t an easy habit to kick.  When I began to truly see how awful I was treating my body I still continued to go out and eat… but I would feel guilt after every meal. I then started to eat sushi instead, as a “healthier” out-to-eat option. It wasn’t until my boyfriend moved in with me this past January that I have really started taking this whole eating better thing seriously. The reason being that it is much easier for me to cook for two people…and it’s also much more expensive to eat out when you have a partner in crime!

I guess you’re wondering why I am rambling on about all of this in the first place… I think I did mention in my previous post that I am a complete and utter chatterbox! Let me get to it—the reason I am giving such a detailed back-story of my food history… is because I want to put it out there that not everyone has a clear-cut healthy lifestyle right off the bat. I could write a whole post on healthy avocado lunch wraps that I have been giving to my boyfriend to take to work for lunch (which he loves, and I happen to HATE); but I really want to be honest and truthful. What I really want to tell you is that if you are someone like me, who reads all of the health posts and starts to feel guilty or frustrated with yourself… don’t be! Yes, it is absolutely important to treat your body well and feed it good food and drink lots of water, but it is also important to keep in mind that we are only human. The biggest thing I have had to learn during my journey to a better lifestyle is that you can’t do everything at once. It is impossible to go from one way of living to a completely different one in a single day. It takes time, and baby steps. Trust me when I say baby steps… I mean BABY steps. Here is a list (in no particular order) of what I have done/tried to do/am still working on in order to achieve my goal:

1. No more pop
2. ADD more fruits and vegetables (doesn’t mean you have to stop eating other things)
3. Do research on healthier foods
4. Find a type of exercise you enjoy doing (I’ve learned that I really hate running, but I really love yoga– I still don’t go consistently yet!)
5. Accept that consistency will most likely not happen right away
6. Don’t deprive yourself of things you love…if you want the cookie… EAT the cookie 🙂
7. Don’t try to do everything at once, take it slow.
8. Drink more water
9. Swap out certain items for healthier options (for example: choose multigrain bread instead of white or real butter instead of margarine)
10. Eat foods that you like, don’t eat things you don’t like just because they are healthier

WOW! I sure talk a lot… if you are still here– many thanks to you! I hope this was the tiniest bit helpful for someone, and if you are already living the healthy life please feel free to leave me some tips! I am all ears for any advice because I definitely don’t know everything! Also, I would love to hear from anyone else who struggles with this problem… that way I won’t feel so alone!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!
xo Sara

Welcome To My World

Well… hello there. Welcome to my blog. I am fairly new at this, and although I have dabbled in the blogging world in the past, I am completely lost and unsure about how it all works. So, please bear with me.

I have been interested and intrigued about starting a new blog for over a year now, and quite frankly it is terrifying to me. I love to write and talk so it makes sense, but it is scary to think I am putting my thoughts out there… on the internet… forever. My ideas and plans for this outlet are all over the place; I have so many things I want to write about and discuss and I hope I can get my mind to slow down and stop racing at least for a minute so I can actually get the words out. I hope I can continuously learn, and get better at this as I go along, but hey I have to start somewhere. I guess I’ll start by introducing myself:

My name is Sara, I am 21 years old and I am from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a college student, and I am still in the process of trying to figure out what I want for my life… which is partly what brought me here. I am not your typical eternal optimist that you generally find on this corner of the internet, in fact I am quite the opposite. Some would go as far as to call me an eternal pessimist. However, this is something I am continuously working on. I love to write, sing and I have a passion for animals. I have a hate-love relationship with my cat, and I am the kind of crazy person you will see running down the street to harass someone so I can pet their dog. I talk far too much for my own good, and I rarely know when to shut up, but I can also be a great listener. Needless to say, I am kind of a crazy person… welcome to my world.
Thanks for stopping by! =)