2015 New Years Resolutions!

Hello to you!

I have a list of New Years Resolutions to share with you all today — yes, in February. I’m either ridiculously late, or unbelievably early. I wrote them all out in the middle of January and I figured by writing them on my blog for the internet to hold forever, it may motivate me a bit more to achieve them! Here goes:

1. Go to the dentist (it’s been far too long)!
2. Manage health better and identify problems (I’ve had some stomach issues for a few years now that I haven’t been able to find a solution to, nor my doctor… plan to do a bit more exploring).
3. Develop a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits (See my Healthy Lifestyle post from a couple of weeks back).
4. Plan a vacation.
5. Start managing money and budgeting more.
6. Try new ways of overcoming my anxiety.
7. Use a planner more regularly.
8. Be happier.
9. Read at least one book (I used to be a HUGE bookworm, and got out of it over the years, I would absolutely love to get back into it — please feel free to suggest any books you think I should check out, in the comments below)!

Aaaaand the final one, number 10:
STOP picking at my face!!! (This is an incredibly awful habit I have. I pick at any bump, zit, blemish or what have you that I feel on my face. I pick to the point where I end up with ugly little scabs and red marks and I really just make it worse. It’s very embarrassing and I have struggled with it for years now… it’s sort of the same as other people biting their nails I would think and I usually do it out of anxiety or stress. Anyways… I desperately want to stop doing it).

That is all I have for today, folks! I would love to hear some of your resolutions (yes — in February! :P). It got real honest up in here today! As always, thank you for reading!!

xo Sara

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