4 Things I Do to be Happier

My previous post about my New Years Resolutions really got me thinking about one of my most important goals. Being happier. Happiness is not something that has always come super easily to me; and although I am not in a state where that is affecting me the way it has in the past, it is still something that I have to work very hard to maintain. The reason I am writing about this is because I have noticed a few things from my current life that bring me happiness where I never thought I’d find it. Some of these things are very simple, and quite strange to be honest; yet others really made me step back and analyze what I want for my life. I know–it sounds intense! It feels it sometimes too! I really wanted to share them though, as they have been on my mind for weeks and I just need a place to keep them safe so I don’t forget about them. I hope you will enjoy!

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. My house always had pets and I was an aspiring vet at the age of 5. Although I no longer desire to be a vet ( I just don’t think I could handle the medical work ), I still feel the passion I always have towards animals. I spent a day last weekend with a friend of mine who is also an animal lover, and we went to an animal/pet lovers sort of event. There were dogs everywhere! I unfortunately don’t have a dog yet, but my dream is to own a Golden Retriever. So you can imagine my excitement in getting to cuddle and obsessKsjsh over all of the dogs and puppies that were there. When we left, we went back to my friend’s house where she has 2 dogs of her own. One of them who absolutely has my heart. We played outside with them for a couple of hours, and I ended up completely covered head to toe in mud. It was well worth it though! What struck me the most when I went home, was the pure satisfaction and fulfillment I felt after a day of dog snuggling. There is nothing like being loved by a dog. Which brought to my attention, maybe I should be doing something different with my life. I know it sounds crazy to rethink life simply because of snuggling dogs but it really made my heart happy. For now, I have decided one of my goals to keep happy is to make sure I get some good animal cuddles in as often as possible. Yes–this includes Bambi!

A small thing I have noticed that makes me feel happier, is to “like” more posts on social media. Yeah, I am fully aware of how weird and random that sounds, but I guess for someone like me who normally remains in the shadows it feels good to encourage, and build up other people. Even people I don’t know. I came to this conclusion because when I was feeling very happy just the other day, I noticed I was scrolling through people’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and “liking” almost everything. I felt comfortable enough to “socialize” with these people, and I also felt inspired and happy by what I was seeing. It’s amazing that something so odd can make me feel so motivated. I am going to try and do more of this. I would love to view social media in a different light than I do now — but that’s a whole other story!

The next one I am going to say, is very cliche but very true; and that is EXERCISING! Let me be the first to tell you, I have never been an exerciser. That sounds bad, but it’s honest. I hate running (as I have mentioned), I am terrible at all sports and have no interest in them nor am I social enough for them and I also have terrible time management and am lazy. However, over the past month I have been aiming to exercise at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. I have actually been surprisingly successful with this, and I feel fantastic! Getting my butt out the door is the biggest struggle, but once I am out and especially when I am finished I feel really good. It has actually become a slight obsession, because when I don’t exercise for a couple of days I am itching to do SOMETHING. Which to me is huge! It is hard to keep up with, and there are days where I really don’t feel like doing anything; but my goal going forward is to physically schedule it into my week when I am planning instead of expecting myself to make time. It is true what they say though — it really does make you happier. GET THOSE ENDORPHINS YO! 🙂

I don’t want to ramble on forever, as you all know I could; so I will wrap up my list of happy with writing. Writing here on my blog, writing journals on my compSnapchat--7897774307413403363uter or writing lists in my coiled notebooks can really give me a sense of peace and joy. It allows me process my thoughts when my brain is overwhelmed with ideas and overstimulated by incoming information (told ya I was a college student :P). Lists help me map out my goals, my wants, my needs and also my TO DOs. Blogs allow me to connect with other people who are as passionate about writing as I am, and although I am new to it–I am absolutely loving it! I really would like to thank everyone who has followed me, who has chatted with me and connected, and also who has simply stopped by for a read and carried on their way. I am absolutely terrified of putting myself out there, but so far you all have made it such a lovely experience. So, again I thank you! 🙂

This is where I end my thoughts on happiness, for today anyway. I’m sure there will be more on the way.

Thanks for reading,

xo Sara

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