Why I Love Mugs

There is something about a steaming cup of coffee in a giant mug between both of my hands that is so satisfying to me. I love mugs. I absolutely love them. Growing up, my mom always had to have a matching set of dishes. The dishes all had to match each other and any mismatched items had to be removed from the cupboard. Even now, I know better than to get her a cute mug or glass for a gift because I know the fact that it won’t match the rest would bother her. As for me, I love having mismatched mugs. I feel like every mug I have tells a story; that may sound weird but hear me out. I have a small collection going right now, and I can’t wait for it to get bigger.

I have one mug that was a gift from my boyfriend’s grandma that has a Paris theme because she knows me well enough to remember that I am obsessed with Paris and the Eiffel Tower (unfortunately I have yet to see it in real life—one day!). I think it’s so sweet and thoughtful of her to know that about me and think of me when she saw it. I have 2 mugs from the recent trip my boyfriend and I took to Mexico back and June, and every time I use one I am reminded of the adventure we had there. Plus it helps that they are super cute too!! One of my favourite mugs at the moment is a giant mug from one of my friends that pictures two of my obsessions wrapped up into one place: cats and coffee. Each side has a photo of a cat with either the caption, “catfeinated” or “decatf”. It’s purrrfect! [See what I did there ;)]. I love that it is large because it fits lots and lots of coffee, but even more so I love that it was such a random, thoughtful gift. She saw it and thought of me and just grabbed it. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re being thought about when you’re not around :).DSCN0615 (2)

I have more in my collection but those are just some of the ones that stand out. One day when I have my own house and more space to put stuff, I really want to make a “mug wall” where I can put hooks up to hang all of my mugs so I can show them off.

Maybe it’s a little strange to have such a weird obsession with mugs, but they all have a story and I think that’s what makes them special. Plus, there are some seriously cute mugs out and about these days… I mean have you ever been to Chapters?! Finally, the best thing about mugs is the fact that they hold COFFEE!! …but I’ll save that obsession for another post :P.

Thank you for reading,

xo Sara

Music Moments

Hello Hello!

In honour of my VERY FIRST voice lesson, today I wanted to take a quick minute to post about my favourite songs at the current moment! I would love to make this a trend on my blog, since music is something I am incredibly passionate about and I have different favourites all the time. I like all types of music from pop, to country, to indie, to rap, the list goes on! If it makes my ears happy, or my heart happy — then it’s a keeper!

Here are my 5 favourite songs of right now:

First: Say Love by Jojo
Jojo hasn’t made music in many years, but now that she’s back in the game… she’s better than ever! Her voice is so amazing, I only dream of hitting notes the way she can. Needless to say, I am in love with this song. Actually all three of her new songs (she also has Save My Soul and When Love Hurts out as well!) but Say Love is simply my favourite.

Second: The Hills by The Weeknd – Eminem Remix
Eminem is one of my all time favourite artists, everything he touches is just amazing. I also love The Weeknd. So when I found out Eminem remixed one of my favourite songs from The Weeknd, I HAD to hear it! Now it’s been on repeat for three days, because it is pure GOLD! Well done, well done.

Third: Coffee by Miguel–covered by Madilyn Bailey
I have been watching Madilyn Bailey on youtube for a few years now, and she is really talented. However, when I heard her cover of this song and watched the video I fell in love instantly. I hadn’t even heard the original song at first, but after hearing it I can honestly say for me, Maddy’s version is the winner.

Fourth: Breathe in, Breathe Out by Hilary Duff
I know everyone has their opinions on the once Disney pop star, but I can’t help but love her. This song has so much emotion to it and I can’t stop playing it. I actually am a big fan of her recent album, but the titled track takes the cake.

Fifth: Burning House by Cam
This song is everything. I am majorly obsessed and I am actually going to be singing it a lot in my voice lessons because the pitch is quite perfect for my voice. Which makes me VERY excited! When I first heard it, I thought something was missing, but the more I listened to it I fell deeper and deeper in love and now I can’t get it out of my head. It’s such a sad song, but it’s just so dang good. Feeling ALL the feels guys!

I hope you liked my Momentary Music Faves! Please let me know if you’re a fan of any of these songs, or if there are any you think I should hear!

Thanks for reading,

xo Sara

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

I spent the day at the pumpkin patch with a friend of mine the other week, and it was such a blast! I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch since elementary school and I thought I’d be too old for it now; but if we’re being honest here… do we ever get TOO old for big pumpkins and farm animals?! I think not!DSCN0485 (2)

Of course we had to get some cutesy photos! What would the day be without it? Fall has never been my favourite season, I’ve always been more of a Summer girl—but how can I resist the colours?! It really brightens up any photo which really makes me swoon.
DSCN0489 (2)

I am not much of a pumpkin carver myself, but I want to try using glue and glitter to make them super cute! I’ve seen it done by people all over the internet and I think it looks really fun! I especially want to try it on the mini pumpkins, to make a really cute Fall centre piece! The little ones are just so ADORABLE!
Once we finished with our pumpkin patch adventure, we went to a park to steal some leaves! I know you must be wondering.. why?
Well my friend has an active instagram account for her pups, and she needed some Autumnal photos for her followers viewing pleasure. However, with the pups running about in her backyard, the grass has turned to sand and the trees aren’t leafy. SO because I am such a fantastic friend, I brought her to a park with an overabundance of leaves, and we filled up bags to our hearts content and brought them over to her house for a doggie photo shoot! What could be more fun?! I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the beautiful trees before we left!
DSCN0513And what would a cheesy dog photo shoot be, without some cheesy dog photos!?
IMG_3523 (2)

IMG_3525 (2)My boyfriend thinks these photos are absolutely ridiculous and very staged! I will tell you one thing, the pumpkins are staged… the dogs — completely candid! Love these pooches though!

Thanks for reading!!

xo Sara

Why NOT me?

I was reading briefly through an old journal of mine, and I came across an entry about wanting to pursue singing. I have always been hesitant because I am my own worst critic. Even writing about it makes me uneasy. Yet, I have loved it since birth. When I was 3 years old I used to sit in the back seat of the car and belt out all the words to every Shania Twain song. To me, it’s really crazy because this journal entry is from June 2012. Imagine what I could have accomplished if I began pursuing my dreams back then. So today, I attempted to register for vocal lessons. I haven’t set an official date yet but it’s still a GIANT leap forward for me. It’s terrifying, but it feels good.

I have been seeing this quote over and over lately, “If you wait until you’re ready, you will be waiting the rest of your life” and it really resonated with me because it is totally true! I mean if you think about how often you hear successful people say that if they knew what they would accomplish, they would have started sooner. Who knows what will become of anything, but it’s at least worth the shot right?DSCN0440 (2)

I also happen to adore inspirational quotes. If you follow me on Pinterest you would see the amount I have collected over the years. I am a tad obsessed. They really have a way of capturing an emotion you’re feeling in just a few short words and it just hits you right in the face!

I have felt similar feelings of uncertainty about writing and putting myself out there as well, but I have been thinking about it for years. I always assume no one would want to hear or read or see anything from me; there is so much else out there. People who have put more time in or start out stronger or who are just more appealing. I know I am not the only person who deals with these kinds of feelings, so I have decided to change my state of mind from “Why me?” to “Why NOT me?” and you should too!

I really want to share the process of me learning to motivate myself and redirecting the voices in my head, in hopes of inspiring others as well. Self-doubt is a burden and it’s challenging to work against but I know we are all capable of overcoming it. So here is to a clean slate!

Why Not Us?!

Thanks for reading,

xo Sara

Weekend Getaway!

This past Wednesday (September 30) my boyfriend and I celebrated 5 years together! We decided to take a trip up to Kelowna, BC for the weekend and get away to spend time together. We have taken quite a few trips over the last couple of years, but this one was one of the absolute best! It was very spontaneous as we only planned it out less than a week before, and it was very much relaxed which made it even better. The main reason we went up there was to visit Kangaroo Creek Farm, which is literally a kangaroo petting zoo. I saw it online and I also knew a few people who had been, and the second I heard about it I knew I had to go! I mean… petting kangaroos… what can be any better than that?!

Royal Private Residence Club

So we booked a hotel and packed our bags and ventured out for our 4 hour drive up to Kelowna. I love road trips! There is something so freeing about listening to loud music with the windows down with someone you love. After a few pit stops for coffee, gas and food we made it to our destination, or so I thought. It turns out, the basic, affordable hotel that I had thought we were staying at was not where we were headed! Ryan actually surprised me by booking a really fancy hotel for us for the night called Royal Private Residence Club and it was freaking amazing! I absolutely love surprises, but it takes a lot to actually surprise me because I am a really good guesser! Almost every birthday or Christmas gift Ryan has gotten me I have guessed before he has even bought it! However, he got me this time! I was so surprised and it was so sweet of him to do, it really made the whole weekend!

The view from our room
View from the rooftop pool

We were on the top floor and our room had a huge patio and a breathtaking view of the water. We went out there almost every hour just to look at the sky as it changed colours and take it all in. There was also a roof top pool and hot tub that we got to enjoy which was so relaxing and beautiful! The hotel even put out champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for us to celebrate our 5 years!
We spent the afternoon wandering the streets of Kelowna and appreciating the sights, because man were they something special!IMG_3189 It really is a gorgeous place! We had coffee, we talked and we enjoyed each other’s company, then we had dinner and settled in for the night with a Netflix movie. (We watched the Imitation Game and it was great!). The day really could not have been more perfect.

Sunday was the main event we’d been waiting for… KANGAROOS! The kangaroo farm was everything I could have hoped for and then some. Ryan got some real cuddles with one of the roo’s and he also happened to be the SOFTEST one there. IMG_3289 It was pretty wonderful. You’re only supposed to pet them on the back, so the fact that he literally climbed into Ryan’s lap and nuzzled into him made it even cuter! I also waited my turn in line to hold a baby kangaroo and it was the best thing ever. Seriously, everyone needs to hold a baby kangaroo.

After all of the stress and emotions I have been feeling over the past month, this trip was exactly what I needed to refresh. I can’t say enough good things about it and I just wish I could do it all over again! Needless to say, being back at work just isn’t doing it for me!

Thanks for letting me share this with you!

xo Sara

DSCN0350 (2)