Why I Love Mugs

There is something about a steaming cup of coffee in a giant mug between both of my hands that is so satisfying to me. I love mugs. I absolutely love them. Growing up, my mom always had to have a matching set of dishes. The dishes all had to match each other and any mismatched items had to be removed from the cupboard. Even now, I know better than to get her a cute mug or glass for a gift because I know the fact that it won’t match the rest would bother her. As for me, I love having mismatched mugs. I feel like every mug I have tells a story; that may sound weird but hear me out. I have a small collection going right now, and I can’t wait for it to get bigger.

I have one mug that was a gift from my boyfriend’s grandma that has a Paris theme because she knows me well enough to remember that I am obsessed with Paris and the Eiffel Tower (unfortunately I have yet to see it in real life—one day!). I think it’s so sweet and thoughtful of her to know that about me and think of me when she saw it. I have 2 mugs from the recent trip my boyfriend and I took to Mexico back and June, and every time I use one I am reminded of the adventure we had there. Plus it helps that they are super cute too!! One of my favourite mugs at the moment is a giant mug from one of my friends that pictures two of my obsessions wrapped up into one place: cats and coffee. Each side has a photo of a cat with either the caption, “catfeinated” or “decatf”. It’s purrrfect! [See what I did there ;)]. I love that it is large because it fits lots and lots of coffee, but even more so I love that it was such a random, thoughtful gift. She saw it and thought of me and just grabbed it. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re being thought about when you’re not around :).DSCN0615 (2)

I have more in my collection but those are just some of the ones that stand out. One day when I have my own house and more space to put stuff, I really want to make a “mug wall” where I can put hooks up to hang all of my mugs so I can show them off.

Maybe it’s a little strange to have such a weird obsession with mugs, but they all have a story and I think that’s what makes them special. Plus, there are some seriously cute mugs out and about these days… I mean have you ever been to Chapters?! Finally, the best thing about mugs is the fact that they hold COFFEE!! …but I’ll save that obsession for another post :P.

Thank you for reading,

xo Sara

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