Finding Inspiration in Others

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time gushing over others’ blog posts, Instagram layouts, YouTube video quality, outfits, home décor and whatever else there is to admire. I always find myself feeling negative about it because I don’t believe I could ever achieve a look quite like that, and it really bums me out. I always felt awkward and I didn’t want to try and recreate what the other person had done because I didn’t want to just ‘copy’ them.

I’m here to tell you that it’s a load of crap. Obviously don’t copy someone’s work down to a tee (of course if you copy anything make sure to give credit!!), but it’s completely okay to take inspiration from them! How do you think they got to where they are now? We are human, and we make the world go round by learning from each other and gaining inspiration from each other. Do you like the way someone edits their photos? Ask them how they do it, and try it out. Guaranteed even if you used the exact formula for editing, they wouldn’t look the same. Your physical photography will be different than theirs which in turn will make the photo different regardless of the editing. Not to mention, we all have our own unique taste so chances are you would change a couple of steps in the process anyways.

When I see a photo of an outfit that I like, I try to recreate it with the clothes I have or ones I can access easily (in my budget). I’m not going to go out and buy every single item of clothing that they are wearing and pose for a photo in the same way they did at the same location.

If you’re still trying to figure out what you like in fashion, or home décor or even in photography, there is nothing wrong with learning from those you admire. I have discovered how I like to edit my pictures after being inspired by Kalyn Nicholson’s Instagram. Her photos are dark but in such a pleasing and classic way. Before seeing her stuff, I was under the impression that pictures had to be bright and light and colourful. Now I understand that there is no “one way” for them to look. I am drawn to the darker styles and so now I edit them to be cooler toned and faded which I am loving! My style may change but for right now that is what I am digging!

I have discovered that I prefer cooler tones when it comes to home décor as well, after following Jillian Harris, Meghan Rienks and of course Kalyn Nicholson (yet again). Growing up my mom always geared towards browns, beiges, and greens to get the style she wanted. I followed suit for years and am now realizing that I prefer whites, grays and neutrals with a pop of colour here and there. I have yet to redecorate my home in the way that I want to due to budget but I am slowly making plans in my head; and you can bet when I do redecorate I will be taking inspiration from the people I mentioned above.

In the past I would see something I liked and instantly push away the thought because I wanted to have my own unique style… little did I know that that WAS my unique style. I like certain looks and colours more than others because that is just simply what I like. Now, I have the knowledge of what I like and can implement it into my life while making it my own.

What is something you have been inspired by lately? Or who? Leave a comment and let me know!

xo Sara

2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration in Others

    • justasarathing

      That’s awesome!! I get really inspired by them too! Sometimes reading others goals can help you revamp your own, or give you ideas you never would have had in the first place!

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